F sky Bar

Giờ mở cửa: Từ 15h
Giờ đóng cửa: Đến 230h30
Điện thoại:(+84) 338278899
Đặt chỗ

Reaching the clouds, Rooftop Bar & Coffee on the 9th floor of Golden View is one of the best ways to end a long day in Hanoi. There are many rooftop bars and coffee in town, but JM Rooftop bar is always one of the most favorite destinations.

With unique restaurant design and panorama city view, the entire top of the building is occupied by Rooftop bar which makes special impression of being on a spaceship in the sky. You’d better not be afraid of height as Sapa will be right below your feet from the moment you step outside.

Seating occupancy 30

High chair sitting

View direction

Old quarter view

Open Daily

From 16h00 until 23h30

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F Sky of Golden View Hotel Sapa